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Lamps And Power Strips

FATH Lamps and Power Strips: The modular system to power your workplace

Good light at the workplace promotes concentration, helps avoid mistakes and prevents premature fatigue. FATH brings professional LED lighting to workstations and assembly stations, with a particularly natural spectrum if required.

Clean, safe and flexible: FATH lamps and power strips have all an identical cross-section (60 x 60 mm), modular lengths and compatible connections, for a simple, elegant and efficient supply of light and power.

All modules are equipped with a profile slot I8. Thus, FATH lamps and connector strips are particularly suitable for use with aluminum profile systems and can be used as structural components.




Build your power line in a jiffy, light included

All FATH lamps and power strips are equipped with three-pin GST18 sockets. By means of a distributor piece, the individual modules can be seamlessly interconnected, providing continuous supply rails without visible wiring.

The FATH power strips are available with a second switch, additional devices can be connected and switched directly via the power strip.

The product line is complemented by additional modules with FI circuit-braker or USB charging port.

A Range for all Cases

Modular lengths simplify planning and enable clean parallel mounting of multiple supply rails.

  • Lamp, 3600 lm, with dimmer switch
  • Lamp, 1340 lm, with dimmer switch
  • Module with FI circuit-breaker
  • Modul mit 4 USB-Ladebuchsen
  • Module with 4 USB charge ports
  • 5-socket power strip with two switches
  • 3-socket power strip with two switches
  • 5-socket power strip with switch
  • 3-socket power strip with switch





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