Product Portrait Modular LED-Lamps and Power Strips F Line

FATH LED Lamps and Power Strips F Line: The modular system for lighting and electricity in the workplace


With FATH LED Lamps and Power Strips F Line, you can provide light and power at assembly workstations in a single integrated unit – safely, flexibly and when you need it. The lighting and power supply modules are available in different versions, can be easily connected to one another and universally installed on frames, panels and metal or wooden elements. The I8 profile slot on the rear makes them particularly well-suited for mounting on aluminum profile systems.

Power supply is an important aspect of workplace planning. It should be provided on the same surface or at the same height as the tabletop. The wiring should be stowed safely and protected from damage. This can be easily achieved with FATH Power Strips F Line – without long cables and with practical connections that can be easily installed in the frame.

The LED lamps can be used as a top lamp or side lamp. Wider and facing workstations can also be equipped with an ideal arrangement of multiple lamps in series. You can flexibly combine the short version (16 watts) with the longer version (40 watts). The lamps can be connected directly to the mains thanks to the integrated control gear. On request, there is the option to dim several lights at the same time.


  • Remote dimming and remote switching

  • Connect modules in series as needed

  • Flexible lighting for every visual task

  • Safe and space-saving light and power supply

  • Tool-free one-handed adjustment with FATH Friction Joints

  • ESD variants available

  • Made in Germany

LED-Lamps and Power Strips F Line

Modular concept: Units can be used separately or
in combination – total output of up to 3500 watts

Combine FATH LED Lamps and Power Strips F Line as your workplace requires – an elegant, space-saving solution. All modules have a compact external dimension of 60 x 60 mm. You can connect up to six modules in series and reach a total length of up to eight meters, including cables. The connection cables are available in various standard lengths. Your modular solution for light and power offers a total output of up to 3500 watts for your LED lights and work tools connected to the power strip.




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Directly dimmable LED lamp

In the directly dimmable variant of the LED lamp, the on/off function as well as the dimming are controlled using the dimming button on the input side of the lamp. The last light intensity setting is saved and automatically retrieved the next time the device is switched on.

High light quality and energy-saving operation

Thanks to the conical prism disc, FATH LED Lamps provide the workstation with a uniform, glare- and flicker-free luminous flux in workplace-friendly neutral white. They consume significantly less electricity than conventional lights and are virtually maintenance-free thanks to the long service life of up to 100,000 hours for modern LEDs.

LED Lights Powerstripes Workplace


Remote switching via the power strip

If you connect a FATH Power Strip to an LED lamp, you can remotely switch off the lamp using the large switch on the power strip. The power to the outlets can be disconnected by the switch but will still continue to flow through to the LED lamp. Even though the outlets are deactivated, the light supply is not affected. If several lights are connected in series on a single power strip, all the lights can be switched on and off with a single click of the switch. If directly dimmable LED lights are used, each light is dimmed as needed.

Convenient remote dimming via the power strip

If the LED lamp is connected to a FATH Power Strip that has a dimming button at the output, the light intensity can be adjusted by pressing the dimming button. Each employee can easily adjust the required light intensity for each visual task – regardless of their height and work position. The on/off function for the LED lamp is integrated in the dimming button. One particularly clever feature: In this variant, the dimming strength is stored in the lighting electronics and controlled via a signal from the power strip.

Multiple assembly tables

If two assembly workstations are to be supplied with power and light during production, you can, for example, equip both workstations with one LED lamp each and two power strips and connect all six modules with cables. The power is then supplied from one side in series.

For example, if you use two 40-watt LED lamps, a total of 3,420 watts of power remains for the outlets.

With the FATH solution for light and electricity, two facing work tables can be supplied compactly and at the same time with enough outlets for the power consumers.

USB for media use at the workplace

FATH Power Strips F Line are also available in a version with an integrated USB port.

This means, for example, that tablets for
providing information can be operated or charged directly via SMART-IC on the permanently installed power infrastructure – without a power supply unit.

Lamps and power strips comic


ESD variants: Light and power for ESD-compliant workstations

FATH LED Lamps and Power Strips F Line are also available for ESD-protected workstations. The aluminum body has an electrostatic discharge coating in black.

Standard modules without ESD protection

Standard modules without ESD protection in clear anodized aluminum with blue illuminated switch or dimming button

Black F Line modules in ESD design

Black F Line modules in ESD design with illuminated switch or dimming button in signal orange

Flexible installation with a wide range of accessories

The modules for light and power can be attached to almost any stable support using the slot on the back. Many different installation elements are available: direct connectors, T-connector plates, steel brackets, track connectors and friction joints. All types of installation are designed for fixed installation of the modules in order to ensure safe operation.

Connecting Strip I,  Slot 8

Connecting Strip 140 I, Slot 8,


Direct Connector

Direct Connector


T-Connector Plate D28

T-Connector Plate D28

T-connector Plate D28


Steel Connection Angle 40 EH

Steel Connection Angle 40 EH

093WU4060V, 093WU4080V

Friction Joints

Friction Joints

End Friction Joints

End Friction Joints

Safe installation of the F Line system

Electrical connections of the F Line system modules are made using practical accessories. If you need a greater distance between the modules, the system can be configured with connection cables of different lengths. You can connect individual modules for light and power directly to each other by using a connection coupling. All FATH LED Lamps and Power Strips F Line are equipped with three or five-pin receptacles. Unused sockets are covered with plastic end caps, which can be ordered if required.

Numerous solutions for optimal cable attachment are available for the safe and compact cabling of your light and power system.

Pure flexibility: FATH LED Lamps F Line combined with FATH Friction Joints

You can achieve highly flexible lighting using FATH LED Lamps in combinaton with FATH Friction Joints. The employee can easily adjust and turn the LED lamp at any time as needed – without tools or screws. The friction keeps the lamp securely in the desired position.

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