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The Flowsort product portfolio consists of standardized sorting modules. With just three different modules, many different applications can be covered by a single underlying system. All Flowsort sorting modules harmonize with all other intralogistics systems and technologies. They are easy to install, both in terms of hardware as well as for the software connection.

Thanks to the modular design, sorting performance and layout can be adapted to current requirements at any time. This high degree of scalability offers a whole new level of flexibility. Even retrofitting existing intralogistics systems can be easily implemented with Flowsort. And all this comes in a fresh and modern design!


Flowsort Sorting Systems – Modular, Simple, Scalable

modular – innovative standard modules for maximum flexibility

fast + easy – easy integration into conveyor systems saves planning and installation time

scalable – low initial investment and scalability at any time

reliable – fast tender preparation and reliable price commitment

high quality – designed and manufactured in the Netherlands


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The standardized Flowsort sorting modules can be combined in a number of ways and integrated into both powered and non-powered conveyors with a width of 400 mm to 1050 mm.

Automated Sortation Systems



The sorting systems can be easily expanded at any time. Users can start out with a small tailor-made sorting system.

Easy planning

Thanks to standardization and modularization, the planning of intralogistics systems with Flowsort sorting modules is considerably easier and faster than with conventional sorting systems.

Plug & Play

Flowsort sorting modules can be integrated into all conveyor systems, such as roller conveyors and belt conveyors, and are seamlessly integrated into the overall system. The modules are directly connected to the PLC of the existing intralogistics systems via the supplied Software Function Blocks.


With Flowsort sorting modules, automatic sorting systems can be retrofitted into existing conveyor systems without a lot of effort.

Flowsort – the benefits

Huge time-saver

Huge time-saver

Thanks to standardization, the planning costs and effort are significantly less than with individually designed and integrated sorting systems. Installation and software connection also require a minimum of time.

High solution flexibility

High solution flexibility

The product outfeed can be continuously adjusted from -90° to + 90°. With just one system, numerous requirements can be covered, and all layout requests can be implemented.


Simple system integration

Simple system integration

The Flowsort sorting modules are supplied with Software Function Blocks. These Software Function Blocks allow easy and quick connection to all common PLC systems.

All sizes

All sizes

Flowsort grows with you: Thanks to its modularity and high scalability, even small sorting systems can be built quickly and professionally. An expansion can be carried out at any time as required. Users will be perfectly equipped to grow.


100% reliable tender preparation

100% reliable tender preparation

The standardization of the modules enables a simple, clear and transparent offer calculation within a short time.


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With Flowsort in their portfolios, intralogistics system integrators and conveyor manufacturers can offer their customers an innovative technology and highly efficient sorting systems. Modular, simple, scalable.


User benefits


Low initial investment

Thanks to the modular design, users only have to invest in the system size they currently need. This ensures high investment security, since the sorting system can be adapted to the growing business volume at any time by simply inserting additional sorting modules. This means less capital commitment instead of oversized sorting systems!


Wide range of applications

An intralogistics system equipped with Flowsort sorting modules can transport a wide variety of material to be sorted: containers, boxes, envelopes, etc., weighing from 50 grams to 35 kilograms.


Space saving

Flowsort sorting systems require far less floor space compared to other sorting systems or intralogistics systems – a huge advantage when rents and space costs are increasing. Space efficiency is particularly relevant for end users who are increasingly moving their warehouse and distribution centers to urbanized areas.


Energy efficiency

The energy consumption of the Flowsort sorting modules is very low due to operation with 24V motors. This enables energy savings and benefits the environment. 


High availability

Designed and manufactured in The Netherlands, the Flowsort sorting modules are very robust and ensure reliable operation of the automatic sorting system.


No downtime

Just in case, spare parts can be replaced from above in just a few simple steps without removing the entire module.


Occupational safety

The low operating voltage of the 24V motors protects employees and contributes to occupational safety.

Flowsort sorting modules: 3 types of standard modules – maximum flexibility

SLD / DLD / ZZ diverters: Flowsort sorting modules can be integrated into both powered and non-powered conveyors with a width of 400 mm to 1050 mm. All types are available in 400 mm / 600 mm / 800 mm / 1000 mm widths. The width can be adjusted by 50 mm if necessary.

All modules can be combined with each other.

Flowsort Diverters


Flowsort Diverters


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The included Software Function Blocks enable easy connection of the sorting modules to all common PLCs.


Blue plastic rollers ensure feed and optimum grip when sorting boxes, packages and envelopes from 50 grams to 35 kilograms.
Four rollers each are arranged in a rotary table that can rotate between -90° and +90° within 0.3 sec. This enables a sorting capacity of up to 6,000 PPH. Each row can be controlled separately.
Energy efficient 24V motors drive the system, which helps reduce resource consumption.
Flowsort sorting modules are designed to be low-maintenance to ensure maximum availability. For maintenance work, the rotary table can be removed from above in just a few simple steps.


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