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Combi Hinges


  • Freely combinable leaf dimensions from 25 to 60 mm
  • Flexible use due to optional slot guiding pins
  • Three material / surface versions for different applications
  • Elegant FATH design and high-quality stainless steel axle


FATH Combi hinges, made from plastics, stainless steel, and die-cast aluminum, form a visually homogeneous family within which you can freely combine all the different hinge leafs 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 and 60, adapted to your application. Altogether this results in a variety of more than 350 combinations which we are featuring on the following pages. For assembly on aluminum profiles we supply our hinges with guiding pins on the rear side – depending on the material, these are either part of the mold (PA) or are produced separately and supplied with the hinges (die-cast aluminum).
Plastic Combi Hinges PA

Plastic Combi Hinges PA

These hinge leaves are made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide in black with a textured finish. They represent a cost-effective and sturdy basic solution. As an option, for assembly on aluminum profiles with T-slots, we supply our PA hinge leaves with integrated guiding pins. These can be removed with pliers, a cutter or with a file.

Die-cast Aluminum Combi Hinges

Die-cast Aluminum Combi Hinges

Providing a matt alu color surface, these hinges particularly fit with anodized aluminum profiles. All aluminum die-cast hinge leaves have supports for optional centering pins.

Stainless Steel Combi Hinges

Stainless Steel Combi Hinges

FATH stainless steel combi hinges not only look gorgeous due to their polished surface, they are also exceptionally resistant to environmental factors. After assembly of the bolts in the bore holes, we close the end faces of the hinge using a special process. Stainless steel hinges are flat on the rear side.

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By the way:

Combi hinges, as well as most of the other FATH hinges, are supplied with a stainless steel axle as standard.

The gap clearance (G) of the combi hinges 25 to 60 is 5 mm, combi hinges MINI 20 have a 3 mm gap clearance.

Combi hinges are made for mounting with self-centering countersunk screws.


CAD Download Combi hinges made of PA plastic



CAD Download Combi hinges made of die-cast aluminium



CAD Download Combi hinges made of stainless steel V4

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